Janet’s Fiery Red Rose

Maybe when we musicians are children our enjoyment of music would be considered a hobby. But how nice is it that when we get older, and if one attains the level of a professional, that a hobby is now one’s occupation? So nice! And the compliments we get when we leave are so rewarding.

A favorite was from a 6 year old boy. He came up to me as I was heading off and told me how much he enjoyed us and gave me a one dollar bill. He said that’s all he had. I was really touched. A part of me wanted to tell him to keep his dollar but I think it was the right thing to take it graciously. Anyway, this is how live strings can touch one, even a young child.

Gardens, so soothing!

With that, these are a few pics we took while on an off day and time to catch up with what the rains have brought us!