What number of musicians best fits your needs?


This page will help you to decide between the number of musicians whether you’re searching for live music for weddings, parties or any event.

No matter what you choose, a live performance can’t be beat for the elegance it brings to any event.

“Hearing live music is so memorable!” Sincerely, Debbie R.



Solo violin Most of our arrangements work for solo violin. If you were to listen to to our Ave Maria or Salute ‘d Amour (see demos) then it wouldn’t take much to imagine a solo violin. The sound will carry well for smaller gatherings and most outdoor events. It certainly is an economical way to go and still have a live string performance.

Our string duo is usually a violin and cello.“Thank you so much for helping to make our Banquet event a success. You added so much atmosphere to make it a beautiful evening.” Sincerely, Social Committee, Berean Christian High School

Duos are very popular with our clients and providing both a melody and bass line  Most of our arrangements work very well for string duo.

If you want to get a good sense for a string duo then listen to our baroque pieces, such as Hornpipe or La Rejouissance (see our demo page) where the instruments take turns in groups of two, three and four parts. A duo can be heard well inside or outside for smaller groups and actually carry well enough outside for even larger gatherings. Inside you’ll want to place us more centrally located.

Our string trio is a popular combination.“All of our guests thought your trio added an exceptionally elegant touch to the event and the music was absolutely exquisite. We would recommend you to anyone. And we plan to!“ Brett and Jennifer

The melody and bass line are accompanied in close harmony by a third instrument. Works well for outside events and can accommodate up to around 150 guests inside keeping in mind to place us more centrally located. Composers write in abundance for the string trio, taking advantage of its flexibility, color and dynamics.

Our string quartet is a real treat!

“The string quartet was so beautiful and such a perfect addition to the setting at the Hacienda de las Flores. My husband and I received So many positive comments about the music!” Sincerely, Jill S., Hacienda de las Flores

I would recommend a string quartet for very large events and smaller events alike. It’s never overbearing for large and small events alike. We play for the room and comfort of the guests. Composers have written in abundance for string quartets.

“Thank you for making our wedding so treasurable. Everyone came to me saying how beautiful you sounded and that it was a great idea to have you at our wedding. You played every song that I wanted and were perfect for the occasion.” – Sincerely, Guy and Shala L.

We also offer the string quintet which includes all of the major stringed instruments in an orchestra. “Having strings for our ceremony gave it that elegant feel we wanted at Wente Vineyards!” Thank you, Wendy and Danny 

It’s a fine option when your event is really large. A quintet, like our other combinations, is never overpowering for smaller gatherings since we play for the size of the room and comfort of the guests. It’s our goal that the guests socialize and still enjoy the music!

Whether solo, duo, trio or quartet you can’t go wrong as the numerous thank you notes on our references page will testify!