Suggestions to help you Organize your Event

“You made the whole process so comfortable and worry-free. Thank you for making our ceremony that much more beautiful.” – Sincerely, Jennifer C.

Your Ceremony

We’d like to recommend that you have us start thirty minutes prior to a ceremony with music to greet your guests.

If the ceremony will be lengthy then please use the two-hour timeframe.

Most Catholic and Greek Orthodox weddings are lengthy along with some other denominations as well. If you’re adding other music or facets to the ceremony then you will want to consider the two hours time frame. 

The style of music is up to you. Many use classics for their ceremony with more modern music later for their guests. Others go contemporary. It’s up to you!

Cocktail Time

Live string music is a special gift for your guests and while you’re off getting pictures taken. Cocktail times are forty-five minutes to an hour or more.

Keep in mind that your ceremony may run over to affect the cocktail start time. We have a lot of music styles to play during this time. Please see our song lists!

Receptions and Dinners


Live music is a wonderful addition for you and your guests while they dine. Our strings make for ease of conversation.

One might have classics for the earlier part of the event and then lighten up later with a contemporary touch. Some ask for a nice combination. 

Corporate Events

Corporate events are a special time as colleagues catch up with each other. Live string music is a nice option for ease of speaking as well as being heard. Some companies have us for the first 1 ½ or two hours, others for the entire event.

We have many companies that have had us play for over a dozen consecutive years!

Anniversaries and Parties

We are often hired to add that special atmosphere. These events are usually smaller in nature. Strings are a perfect compliment to the detail you’ve put into every facet of your venue.

Our duo will grace smaller parties though some of our clients like to expand with a trio or quartet.

The sound is never overwhelming. We are used for both the arrival and socializing hour and/or throughout the event.

Number of Musicians

Our options page will give you some ideas as to the number of musicians needed.

In the end you would want to know that you can never have too many live strings as we’re never overwhelming.

Feel free to call or email me for anything I’ve not covered here!