It’s amazing how many out-of-the-way wineries are in just Northern California alone. Hundreds, easily! This location values live music and has us perform as a violin and cello duo. It rarely gets any easier than to perform holiday music and be so appreciated by the comments and the staff couldn’t have been nicer! We had a lot of fun performing for this venue and have one more performance here this coming week.

Walkway to wine-tasting room. You just can’t go wrong with water features in my book.


This is a sort of infinity water fall effect. These trees fooled me as I thought they were real until my 2nd visit. No matter, they look very real!

One of my favorite pics as this huge reindeer was clearly the star of the wine tasting room.

We performed to the left of the long couch. I really liked the two long, high-backed couches that faced each other. They were very tempting….

Here’s a view from the wine tasting room. There were tables behind the barrels for guests to enjoy the wine and cheeses

Just a little pic from our perch of some guests having a good time.