But first I always look forward to a fine breakfast or lunch, depending on what time I need to be in the Yosemite Valley at this little diner in Mariposa. I always look for their train scene that runs the ceiling’s entire perimeter of the dining area. The craftsmanship has wonderful detail and maybe each time I’ll take a different picture of a new scene.

Then I headed in to the valley and took lots of pictures. This is my favorite spot to shoot and so maybe through the week I’ll share a few other pictures. The area was particularly beautiful with the fall colors and crystal clear water.

A small view of my favorite diner with the railroad that runs the ceiling’s perimeter

I always enjoy the mountain town feeling of this diner in Mariposa. I remember dining here just a few years ago with my good friend and violinist Janet who takes most of our pictures. . I look forward to us dining here once again soon. I usually use this as a 2/3 way stop from a rather long drive.

This swinging bridge over a crystal clear stream is a popular photo site in the Yosemite Valley with lots of areas for guests to hang out. It includes a good collection of picnic tables for those arriving from a long journey.