We have performed at dozens of mansions. This mansion has a nice history spanning over 100 years and at one point in it’s history included  a personal 150,000 gallon reservoir on a 40 acre site. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our performance as a string trio was actually a second sister’s wedding that we’ve done from the same family. We’ve performed a few through the years where we played for 3 and 4 daughters and sons of the same family. It’s always a huge compliment when they call us for the next wedding!

The interior is, as one would expect, really grand and worth visiting.

Thanks to our photographer of these beautiful photos, Janet, I’m able to visually share places that we perform because I’m often too busy to remember just two more things: bring the camera and then take the picture! Thanks Janet!!

An Elegant Touch of Strings performs as a string trio at this old brick mansion.