How many can say that they’ve performed at the Levi Stadium, and on the green too? It was a very unusual assignment as a last minute request to put together a 12 piece orchestra. The occasion was a surprise for a very lucky recipient.

Imagine that one company rented out the whole stadium for the evening- that’s Silicon Valley for you!

We had a combination of strings, winds and brass. We first performed right on the edge of the field-

View from where our twelve piece strings hid before making a surprise entrance in front of these ivy-covered dividers

what an experience that was!… and then relocated to their restaurant upstairs and played for the cocktail hour. Here’s some favorite pictures we’d like to share.

Great America Theme Park is just a short distance from the Levi Vip Parking Lot

I liked this view as I was waiting at a light to turn into the stadium parking lot

We started our performance at 8:00pm on the ball field

Another fun view of the entrance of the Levi Stadium if you haven’t ever been here

The bar area in the room where An Elegant Touch of Strings performed for the cocktail time

We performed just around the corner from this very elegant dining area

A view from our performance area

Just a favorite 3 year old who’s prime purpose seems to make me laugh and nothing to do with the Levi Stadium of course