Piano, Violin and Viola Studio

Sherry Lewis 925-625-4363, [email protected]

  • Professional violinist, violist and pianist, music arranger
  • Member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California
  • Owner of An Elegant Touch of Strings, a professional quartet with over 7,000 performances throughout California
  • Performer of symphonic, Broadway and chamber music style
  • Teach all levels of private piano, violin and viola
  • Offer lessons to traditional and charter schools who live in Oakley, Brentwood, Byron and Discovery Bay.

String Quartet performance at St. Francis Yacht Club, SF

I emphasize

a strong foundation in music reading and rhythmic skills with a detailed background in theory. These skills then lead on to a study in  ear training and expression. I work to make learning enjoyable with different styles of music and lots of encouragement. Education: studies at Chabot College, California State University, Sherwood School of Music, private instruction with Nathan Rubin, Marie Geary, Rudolph Foglia and Ellen Wasserman. Years of teaching experience: 28

music studio

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call 925-625-4363 for availability.

This is a fun ensemble get together in my backyard.